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We are currently not accepting new one-on-one nutrition counseling clients while Alyssa is on maternity leave. Please fill out the waitlist form to be notified and given first access when availability opens.

Please consider joining the Nourished Fertility or Nourished Pregnancy program in the meantime.

Planning a pregnancy or finding out you’re pregnant is so exciting!

Did you make the decisions to try for baby or take the test … and then 30-seconds later hit Google?! 

… And then 3 hours later surface from your Google search confused, overwhelmed and with more questions than when you started?

Believe me, you’re not alone!

Wouldn’t it be less stressful to have the nutrition questions you have answered especially for you by a pregnancy specialist  dietitian?

Take the stress out of nourishing your body and baby for a healthy pregnancy

A list of what food to avoid when pregnant or which prenatal vitamin to take just scratches the surface of how to nutritionally prepare for an enjoyable, healthy pregnancy. 

47% of women have at least one nutrient deficiency during pregnancy or postpartum.

Many women go into pregnancy with pre existing health conditions or low levels of essential vitamins and minerals that can influence their health and their baby’s health during and after pregnancy. 

Nutrition has the power to turn this around, reduce your risks and give your baby the best start to life! 

Tailored, expert answers to your pregnancy nutrition questions

  • How can my partner and I get nutritionally ready for pregnancy?
  • How can I make sure my body’s in the best health for fertility, pregnancy, and recovery after I’ve had my baby?
  • I have had health problems before I got pregnant. What can I do with nutrition?
  • Can I use nutrition to support my thyroid conditions to optimize fertility?
  • How can I use food to help balance my hormones?
  • Before I get pregnant how can I manage my disordered eating? 
  • What’s the best quality supplementation to take during my pregnancy? 
  • What can I do to manage pregnancy symptoms like nausea, sleep issues, food aversions, mood swings, constipation and low energy?
  • How do I prevent or manage pregnancy conditions such as gestational diabetes?
  • Will nutrition help support breastfeeding?
  • Does nutrition help support postpartum symptoms and conditions such as anxiety and depression, postpartum autoimmune conditions, postpartum thyroid problems?

Are you ready for answers?

Men’s fertility/couples 

Fertility and pregnancy nutrition concerns aren’t just for women. 

Nutrition plays a part in male fertility and health too.

1/2 of infertility cases are in part due to male factor.

Check out our Male Fertility Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide as a great starting place to improve male fertility.

Book an appointment for both you and your partner to talk over fertility nutrition questions you may have. 

Alyssa is an incredible resource! Her holistic approach encompasses all aspects of total wellness – from food to sleep and stress. Her recommendations are easily incorporated and have made such a difference for me!


Alyssa Broadwater

Hi, I’m Alyssa 

What you eat is more than just giving your new baby the best start.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I help women and couples get safe, practical, real-food information. 

So they know how to set themselves up to get pregnant more easily, have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy, and recover with ease after birth.

Personalized nutrition advice

Nutrition Counseling Assessment – $150

What your first visit looks like

Your first appointment is 75 minutes.

One-on-one appointments are available in person or online. 

Each sessions is based on providing you with personalized nutrition counseling to reach your goals. 

After talking about what you want out of our sessions together, we’ll go over any medical history, medications, and look at your current eating habits.

I’ll take a diet history (what you eat) as well as looking at how you eat. And then we’ll come up with a plan to help you reach your goals, answer your questions and make sure you’ve got everything you need to work on until our next session.

I may suggest functional nutrition testing that helps us get to the root cause of your problems instead of playing whack-a-mole with symptoms and makes sure your nutrition plan is as individualized as possible

If insurance is being used, the initial appointment may be limited to 1 hour due to the rules of certain insurance companies

Nutrition Counseling follow-up visits (45 min) – $80

At your follow up visit we check in on how you’re going with the advice given in the previous session. 

This helps me tailor the recommendations to what’s working (or not) for you as an individual. Everyone’s different!

Follow up appointments can help us address any issues that change or come up during your pregnancy, make adjustments, and help you have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.

It has been wonderful to have Alyssa's expertise and guidance during my own fertility journey as I try to optimize my health for any future pregnancies. She gives practical information that is easily applicable to my particular circumstances and truly listens to my questions, concerns, limitations, etc. I feel like I have a much richer understanding about how to plan, optimize, and enjoy foods that support health and well-being. I look forward to continuing my journey with her throughout my childbearing years!


When you’re done with spending hours on Google, reading blogs and watching YouTube, and just want to get ready for baby!


1. Let’s talk

Learn how to support yourself through a healthy pregnancy

2. Get the answers you’re looking for

And tailored advice to meet your goals faster

3. Thrive through your pregnancy

Experience the peace of mind knowing you’re improving your health & the health of your baby

Health Insurance

    Most health insurance plans cover nutrition visits with me, often at NO COST to you.

    Coverage varies greatly between plans. Please scroll down for help determining what your plan covers. If insurance declines to cover your visit(s) for any reason, you are responsible for the full amount billed.

    Alyssa Broadwater, RD is in-network with:

    • Medical Mutual
    • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Cigna

    *There are certain plans within each company for which I am considered out-of-network. Please ask your insurance rep to confirm I am in-network with your specific plan.

    Even if I am currently not in-network with your insurance company, you may be able to use for HSA or FSA funds to pay for dietitian services.


    Start by calling the 800 number on the back of your insurance card

    Ask for the name of the representative, note the date and time, and ask for a reference number for the phone call

    Do I have nutrition counseling coverage on my insurance plan?

    • Ask the rep specifially about CPT codes 97802 & 97803. If they say you do not have coverage using those codes NEXT ask them to check your coverage for the following CPT codes: 99401, 99402, 99403 and 99404.

    Is coverage limited to certain diagnoses?

    • Write down if there are only certain diagnoses that will get covered
    • Next, ask about ICD 10 code: Z71.3
    • When possible, I code your visit using preventative coding to maximize the number of visits you receive from your insurance carrier

    Is nutrition counseling covered when provided via Telehealth?

    How many visits do I have per calendar year?

    • Your carrier will let you know how many visits they are willing to cover. Depending on the carrier the number of visits vary from 0 to unlimited depending on medical need.

    Do I have a deductible to meet before insurance pays?

    • In the event you have a deductible I will not be able to initially bill your insurance company directly until the deductible is met. Therefore, payment of $150.00 is due at the initial visit and $80.00 is due at each follow up visit.
    • I will provide you will the appropriate documentation to submit to your insurance company to show receipt of the services. This will allow you to “pay down” your deductible. Once your deductible has been met and you have nutrition services on your policy, I can then directly bill your insurance company.

    Do I have a co-pay for nutritional counseling?

    • For most insurance companies I am considered a specialist. Therefore, your specialist co-pay is applicable and is payable at the time of service. This information is often apparent on the front of your actual insurance card.

    You are responsible for knowing how your insurance works and if claims are denied for any reason, payment of $150 for initial appointments and $80 for follow appointments is required.

    My insurance-billing experience is mostly with clients residing in Ohio, but we have had success with out of state clients as long as we are in-network with your plan.

    If you have any questions or need help with this process, please contact Alyssa.

    The preconception, fertility & pregnancy nutrition answers you’re looking for, when you need them most