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The Nourished Pregnancy Program

The Nourished Pregnancy nutrition program helps women have a healthy, enjoyable pregnancy (and beyond). Improve your baby’s long-term health, reduce the risk of complications, recovering more smoothly after baby.

The Nourished Fertility Program

The newly updated program is the only fertility nutrition resource you’ll need in your journey to pregnancy. The step-by-step approach makes it simple to help you confidently conceive your future child in a body that you can be sure is well-nourished.

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I want individualized nutrition counseling to get me ready for pregnancy, improve my fertility, or help my pregnancy journey.

I’m a health & wellbeing practitioner wanting to refer a prenatal or pregnant client for nutrition advice. 

Alyssa has a thorough process for educating clients on nutrition. She takes time to learn about her clients and caters to specific goals.

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The truth about prenatal vitamins

Not all prenatal supplements are created equal. In fact, many of them are completely inadequate.

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